Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Say Yum 2005-03-01 - Funky Chicken Parmesan

Funky Chicken Parmesan
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Tonight we played some clips sent by our new friend Dan Tripp and made up some Funky Chicken Parmesan. The music consists of stuff we found searching for chicken on archive.org.
Show notes:
 Say Yum 2005-03-01
 Show notes


At Wed Mar 02, 05:28:00 PM PST, Blogger Todd said...

Mmmmmmm I love Chicken Parm. I used to make a from scratch version that I totally forgot about until you guys made your version! I might have to see if I can remember it.

Thanks for the shout out as your dedicated fan! Hehe. And thanks for the hints on the puff pastry Kris. I might give it another go. I didn't brush with egg, and like you said it was all dull and blah. I used butter instead, but I don't know what happened.

I am envious of the little spots Dan sent you, I might have to think up something fun on my own. :)

At Thu Mar 03, 12:10:00 AM PST, Anonymous The One True Dan Tripp said...

It made my day that you guys played the clips and liked 'em. =)

If you don't mind, I'd like to make CDs for the folks on the clips so that they can hear how they were used and what y'all thought of 'em. (They're not computer folks, hence the need to make audio CDs.)

I dig the Say Yum song at the end!

I made it to podcast #6! =) I played the clips for my friend David P. at work, and then interviewed him later in the day. Apparently they were still on his mind because he did a completely spontaneous mini-plug for Say Yum! I swear that I didn't prompt him to do it... it was totally spontaneous!

I don't cook, but I totally dig your show. Is that weird? =)

At Thu Mar 03, 10:28:00 PM PST, Blogger Kris said...

Todd, no prob for the tips...happy to share. I'm glad we rekindled your memory of your own version, and possibly sparked some more audio clips :)

Dan, please digitize as you wish! They were very cool and we are more than happy to share our appreciation of them especially to those who created them. Thanks again and have fun in Seattle!

BTW, nachogeeek is me Kris...we'll have some nachos on the show soon, I hope...yummmmmmm, nachos :) Some sweets will come first though...stay tuned!

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