Saturday, February 19, 2005

Say Yum 2005-02-19 - Samosas Three-Ways

Samosas three ways

Check out the slide show of the NY Times article and each of three differently wrapped samosas before and after.

Listen to the Say Yum podcast! podcast-mini1.gif
SayYum-2005-02-19.mp3 [17.1mb (42:39) 64kbps]

Tonight we're playing a couple mash-ups from Party Ben,
as well as a little Stanton Moore and some Living Daylights.

Thanks for all of the feedback, audio comments we received and to Dawn and Drew for playing our audio comment. During the show we also chat about our new wireless mics, and also the firmware upgrade to our D-Link Media Player, which we're diggin'. It makes it much easier to enjoy podcasts in our living room.

Recipe Follow-Up:
Devan and Kris' favorite samosa shell was the tortilla one. The egg roll wrapper we used became too blistered, and the puff pastry shell wasn't quite the texture Kris was craving. When you make the flour and water paste, start with a couple of tablespoons of flour and add water until it becomes a thick salad dressing like viscosity. Enjoy, and don't forget to say yum!


At Sun Feb 20, 08:08:00 AM PST, Blogger Todd said...

You know, I have never actually heard of Samosas, but they sound darn good! I am not too much of a curry fan, but I would definately try these out, the fillings sounded really tasty.

Thanks for playing my audio comment, haha. I thought you might edit it up and play specific parts instead of letting me ramble for 2 minutes, but hey.

And Mister Coady, thanks for the shout out!

Looking forward to the next podcast guys! Love the new wireless mics, they sounded good. Say Yum!

At Sun Feb 20, 08:10:00 AM PST, Blogger Todd said...

Oh yeah, I forgot one thing, of course, always happens after you hit the submit button...

These mash ups are becoming so popular, very interesting. The one thing I noticed was your mash ups were a little louder than everything else, so when they started it was like...eek! But other than that, it wasn't really all that bad. Have a good Sunday guys!

At Sun Feb 20, 08:32:00 AM PST, Anonymous Paul said...

Hi guys - the wireless mikes are great! We're definitely going to try Samosas at home, Sallie and I love Indian food. These will round out a perfect dinner party menu!

At Sun Feb 20, 09:02:00 AM PST, Blogger Devan said...

Thanks for the feedback as always. I'm sure you could adjust the amount and type of curry you use in the filling to suit your taste. They’re definitely worth a try and perfect munchies for a dinner party. I wish we had company over last night to help us eat all those :)

Thanks again for the audio comment Todd. I thought about cutting it up a bit, but out of a combination of laziness and liking that raw minimally edited sound decided to leave it. But we tried to "converse" with the comment to fill in the gaps...something I learned from Adam Curry. Hopefully it worked ok and 2 minutes wasn't too long.

I too noticed after listening back that the mashups are louder than most other music I play. I need to remember that when setting the levels for those in the future. I hate that "eek!" feeling from volume jumps. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm so glad the wireless mics sounded ok. I was worried that such a cheap pair might sound really bad. We're finally free to roam!

At Mon Feb 21, 09:24:00 PM PST, Blogger Hallandale Beacher said...

Congrats to the Say Yum crew! I have only listened to your shows about the ribs and now the Samosas, but I really like your style! I don't cook all that often, but that was a great tip on boiling the ribs. I will give it a try. I think you guys are very entertaining. I am especially interested in the tech banter and am curious as to how you produce your show and how you podcast it. In other words, keep up the good work! Tomorrow I will check out your latest podcast on the super burger.
I heard about you through the times article and wish you guys much happiness and success.

At Mon Feb 21, 09:36:00 PM PST, Blogger Devan said...

Thank you so much. We're glad you're enjoying our little kitchen-cast. Keep listening and please send us recipe or music suggestions if you have them.

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