Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Say Yum 2005-02-23 - Freeform Ravioli

Freeform Ravioli. Check out the slide show of the process.

We apologize for the difficulty downloading this podcast when we first posted it...technical difficulties. We've fixed it now, so please check out the full show by clicking the link below:

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SayYum-2005-02-23.mp3 [17.9mb (37:44) 64kbps]

Tonight we flew by the seat of our pants and made some raviolis with leftover egg roll wrappers and lots of other goodies lurking in our fridge from previous recipes. The use of egg roll wrappers for the ravioli dough was inspired by having seen Giada De Laurentiis, from the Food Network's "Everyday Italian" show, do the same. Using leftovers in a creative way was how Say Yum Freeform Ravioli was born. Although we made our own vegetarian filling using the ingredients we had on hand, you can fill them with any kind you like. I've seen lots of good filling recipes on the net.

There was lots on tonight's discussion menu. One of the things we chatted about was using the Archos Gmini 400 to record soundseeing tours since a lot of people have been discussing it lately. Click on the icons below to see more detailed notes.

Show notes:
 Say Yum 2005-02-23
 Show notes


At Thu Feb 24, 07:41:00 PM PST, Blogger frisbee wizard said...

Great to hear the Brown Baggin'. Tony and I are heading out to the Boom Boom Room to see 'em. I'll let everyone know how the show is.

At Fri Feb 25, 05:35:00 AM PST, Blogger Todd said...

Madeira, yes, I know of it. My ex wife loved it, though it isn't super cheap, and rather hard to find. However, since you live where you live, you can find it at my favorite winery in Sonoma, V. Sattui... here is a link to their Madeira page:

I thought it tasted like a port or sherry myself, which are things I don't care for much. But your substitution of Marsala might have worked well.

At Fri Feb 25, 01:18:00 PM PST, Blogger Devan said...

Thanks for the tip on the Madeira Todd. The Marsala worked great. Maybe we'll have to try a batch with each some time and compare. Maybe we'll even have some friends over for a "blind tasting" to pick a winner.

Unfortunately we missed the Brown Baggin show last night. But we're looking forward to a rewview from the frisbee wizard. Maybe we'll have to have him call in on our next show and get the scoop.

At Fri Oct 07, 03:12:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Wed Feb 04, 05:18:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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