Tuesday, February 08, 2005

BBQ Shrimp PoBoy

Happy Mardi Gras! We're celebrating tonight with a little New Orleans music and food. The menu tonight is fairly simple. Kris is doing BBQ shrimp, Red Fish Grill syle, which means they're drenched in Crystal hot sauce. Our poboys will be dressed with homemade blue cheese dressing.

Tonight's music is all New Orleans local bands (Happy Mardi Gras!):

Listen to the Say Yum podcast! podcast-mini1.gif
SayYum-2005-02-08.mp3 [15.8mb 39:32) 64kbps]

Recipe Follow-Up: The poboys turned out pretty, darn good. You can find the beer batter recipe Kris used here. It turned out very light and crispy, but Kris thinks the Crystal hot sauce needed a bit more to stick to. The shrimp seemed to loose any crispiness once it was drenched in the sauce...possibly the problem in itself. Kris would try a breadcrumb based fry next time using a flour, egg, breadcrumb mixture (spiced up with Coop's Bayou Blend, dried parsley, garlic powder, and some salt free herb seasoning) as the coating. If you'd like a general outline of the bluecheese dressing that Kris makes and uses in various recipes, you can find it here. She's not sure of the exact ratios since she goes by taste each time she makes it, and it can turn out a bit different each time depending on what we have on hand. Generally speaking we like it tangy, so enough vinegar is used to get that tang, and we try to use more sour cream than mayo as the base to cut down on the calories.


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