Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ordering Out Dilemma

Tonight (last night actually) didn't quite work out like usual. We started recording while debating whether to eat in or order out. At the point the recording started we were fixated on ordering out. This lasted much too long and I eventually killed the recording. But we ended up making food in. We had pizza and greek salad. Because we've recorded these before I decided not to do a repeat. Instead I've taken our ordering out dilemma and put it to music. Its not too long, but a bit abstract. Listen along and decide for yourself...Pizza or Chinese?

Tonight's music was downloaded from the artist's website:

Listen to the Say Yum podcast! podcast-mini1.gif
SayYum-2005-02-07.mp3 [7.6mb 16:37) 64kbps]


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