Friday, February 04, 2005

Guadeloupe Chicken Salad

From the kitchen today, we started with some cheddar stuffed mushrooms. We made some mods to that recipe and used 5 green onions instead of 1 onion, added 2 garlic cloves to the sauté, pecans instead of walnuts, used 1/2 c of parmesan reggiano with 1/2c of sharp cheddar to add some punch to the flavors as recommended by a recipe reviewer. Our main course was the Guadeloupe Chicken salad (we left out the red peppers since we didn't have any) and made some blue cheese garlic bread, which was a yummy addition. All of today's music was downloaded from

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Recipe Follow-Up: We reworked the mushrooms a bit for Saturday night by adding a bunch of capers and some more cheddar cheese. Those two were kickin' additions, much better than when we first made them. Also, if you're interested in picking up a yummy, cajun spice blend, check out the online store at Coop's Place. We picked some up some of their Bayou Blend when we were down in New Orleans because we liked it so much. Kris used some on the chicken to give it some kick. Overall, the salad was awesome. We mixed together some of the dressing, chicken, carrots and onions and let it marinade for a while, and served it on a bed of lettuce with some avocado wedges. We each like a different wetness to our salads so we left the remaining dressing on the side to dress each of ours to our own tastes. Devan likes his juicy :) Let us know if you'd like any more comments/information on any of our recipes and we'd be happy to respond.


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